Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life, Live, Love, Learn.

Hey blogging buddies,
I know I've been a very slack blogging buddy lately.
Life is just whooshing by with lots of hiccups and not much ART happening.

My dear friend of forty years finally gave up her fight last Saturday after twenty long months of terminal cancer. She was way too young to pass away at the age of 61yrs. May she rest in peace.

Then just a couple of days later my Best friend lost her Mum.  We have her funeral to attend tomorrow.
With all this sadness around it tends to zap the creative side of me.
I've had some really angry moments and its definitely helped to journal about it all however most of it's scribbled words about my feelings.

I've also had an x-ray and Ultrasound of my arm and to my surprise I have Tennis elbow and Golfers elbow.
Hm, no wonder my arm is very sore. Some times worse than others and even flushing the toilet gives me pain that radiates from my elbow.
Anyway I'm not in a hurry to have that injection so I'll continue with the other holistic medications for the time being.

Opps, sorry to complain~I intend to get my back into the swing of things real soon and pop on by.
Creative hugs,

Friday, September 9, 2011

Just me

Hello friends,
Life is just rolling along here for me.
I don't know whats happened to my time management skills, they flew out the window some time ago.
Not much time to CREATE, make ART or blogging these days.

I have a dear friend of 40 years in her final days of life.  She has been strongly battling terminal cancer for 20 months, trying all the treatments without success.
Such very sad times for her dear hubby, family and friends.
It's very hard to function normally with my friend constantly on my mind from the time my eyes open until sleep comes at night.

I've also had a niggly, painful left elbow (yes, I'm a lefty) for a few months.
I decided I'd better see the Dr about three weeks ago who diagnosed 'Medial Epicondylitis' (Golfers Elbow)
No, I don't play golf~ha ha, It's a bit like Tennis elbow but on the inside of your arm.
The Dr suggested rest and to come back in six weeks for an injection of Anesthetic and Cortisone. Hm, That's scary. He told me of the dangers if the injection is inserted in the wrong place.
Well the rest is a bit hard when I live in a house full of men and my stupid elbow is getting worse.
Small things like wiping the bench, cutting vegetables and using the mouse on my computer gives me pain.
I've tried TENS machine and physio exercises with not much help.  Next week I'm seeing a remedial masseur and trying essentials oils.  Any suggestions please let me know...

Take care and let the ones you love know how deeply you love them and what they mean to you!