Monday, May 24, 2010

"Embracing the Passion", Mother's Day

Kerryanne is starting a new and exciting on-line course called "Embracing the Passion"
As this is her 200th post Kerryanne has a great offer going on.  You would do yourself a favour by checking out this talented, creative blogspot.

My Mum came down for a few days of pampering over the weekend (late Mother's Day gift)  My three sisters, Mum and I went to Burnbank Estate for a Day Spa retreat.  We had a wonderful day consisting of eating, drinking, facials, massages, pedicures and manicures. 
I feel like a new woman!
Have a great week, Hugs,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heaps going on!

Hi Ladies,
You may want to grab a cuppa, I have quite a bit of show and tell. 
There have been a few new baby's arriving in this world.  I've painted some personal gifts with their birth details on them.
The carriage I designed with a boy in mind and the bassinets for the girls. 
Congratulations to all the new parents!

Do you remember the stubborn little purse I couldn't turn out(last post), well that's the one in the front. I decided to make a couple more. 
The one on the left is for a dear friend who LOVES animal print and she's going to Bali on the 1st June-I thought a make up bag would be the perfect little pressie.

I finished off these tea towels that have been waiting for button holes and buttons.
Ah, now that I know how to line a bag and I'm a little bit better at sewing-I had a go at making this little girly bag.
Do you remember the generous Vikki from Sew Useful Designs offered this free pattern for Mother's Day. I did change the design a bit.
Oh, I even had a go at using Parisian Essence and dyed the fabric. (not very clear in the photo).
Yesterday I had a beautiful day out with a couple of close friends.  We went up to the Dandenong Ranges and visited Sassafras and Olinda.  While in Sassafras we had to visit the famous Miss Marples Tea Room and enjoy a scrummy lunch!
Shh, I won't be telling you all how naughty I was, I just about had to be rolled back to the car.
Here are two of my dear friends Heather and Syndi.
We went into every shop in this quaint little town and I purchased a few goodies.
This shop is absolutely gorgeous. Tea Leaves  I purchased a tea pot, cups and of course some China Rose Tea leaves that I shared with my students this morning.  I've now decided I should collect these cute little tea pots!

While I was sitting down having a rest nearing the end of the day, I noticed these Buddha's.  Of course I took this photo thinking of a couple of blogging buddies of mine-Serena and Lee.
Lee "ArtfulLee Designed" has just recently got back into blogging.  She's a very talented artist.  If you have a moment pop in and say hello to Lee.  I know she'll appreciate your comments on her beautiful art work.
Ah, Phew, that was a long post.  A couple of new pieces for OPAM as well.
Happy Painting, Stitching, Creating until next time. Hugs, Anna

Friday, May 7, 2010

Latest Painting and Sewing

Hi Ladies, Thank you for popping over to my blogspot  and leaving your kind comments!

I've just started painting a series of Australian birds.  This is my first piece/design a Kingfisher!

Here is cute little purse I've made after visiting Vicki's at Tozz's Corner blogspot.  Vicki inspired my good, crafty friend, Michelle and I to have a go at this.  If you pop over to Janet from Quiltsalott blogspot, you'll find a fantastic tutorial there. Thank you Janet.

At least once a week Michelle and I get together and sew and/or paint.  You see, Michelle is a very talented patchwork/sewer and I'm the Artist. We share ideas and help each other out.  
Another cute patchwork purse, that I can't turn out the right way (the zipper is stuck) My 19 year old son (mechanic) couldn't get the zip to work either. 
Grrhh, Do you know how impatient I am with things like this? 
 When I figure it out, I'll pop up a picture. 
Here is another piece Michelle and I worked on together. Oh, Michelle made her own bag.  This design was found in the Handmade magazine. This is my first bag with lining, handles and all.  I'm absolutely thrilled with the outcome.
I must add these to my OPAM list now.
Happy Mother's Day everyone!
Hugs, Anna