Friday, May 7, 2010

Latest Painting and Sewing

Hi Ladies, Thank you for popping over to my blogspot  and leaving your kind comments!

I've just started painting a series of Australian birds.  This is my first piece/design a Kingfisher!

Here is cute little purse I've made after visiting Vicki's at Tozz's Corner blogspot.  Vicki inspired my good, crafty friend, Michelle and I to have a go at this.  If you pop over to Janet from Quiltsalott blogspot, you'll find a fantastic tutorial there. Thank you Janet.

At least once a week Michelle and I get together and sew and/or paint.  You see, Michelle is a very talented patchwork/sewer and I'm the Artist. We share ideas and help each other out.  
Another cute patchwork purse, that I can't turn out the right way (the zipper is stuck) My 19 year old son (mechanic) couldn't get the zip to work either. 
Grrhh, Do you know how impatient I am with things like this? 
 When I figure it out, I'll pop up a picture. 
Here is another piece Michelle and I worked on together. Oh, Michelle made her own bag.  This design was found in the Handmade magazine. This is my first bag with lining, handles and all.  I'm absolutely thrilled with the outcome.
I must add these to my OPAM list now.
Happy Mother's Day everyone!
Hugs, Anna


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the kingfisher! I think they are the most interesting birds....especially the way they are built!


nata_says_so said...

That kingfisher is incredible. About four years ago I took a photo of a willy-wagtail that I love and decided to paint it. I painted the background in, and to this day there is a canvas in my cupboard with the outline of a bird on it. I've never mustered the courage to finish it.

You've got the gift Anna.


Kerryanne English said...

Goodness you are so busy Anna. Love all the projects. How annoying is that zipper. Can you unpick your sewing to turn it out?
Hope you have a happy Mother's Day too.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Hazel said...

Hi Anna,

Cute painting of the Kingfisher. Well done.

Hope you have a lovely day on Sunday with your family.

Hugs, Hazel

Serena said...

I love kingfishers and your painting is beautiful, Anna! We have a few Sacred Kingfishers that often sit on our's hard to get a decent pic of them tho because they're quite camera-shy.

Love your finished bag and you certainly should be pleased as punch over it....great job!

Vicki said...

Oh Anna....I love your kingfisher...he is really lovely :) And your little purses! Wow...they look fab and perhaps just unpick it a bit to grab the zip or get some tweezers perhaps? I had the same problem and managed to squeeze a pair of tweezers inside and grab and push up ...most frustrating thats for sure :)

Marlene said...

Anna, love the kingfisher, you did a marvelous job on him. Birds are one of my favorite subjects. Sewing is not my strong suit so cannot add much here except that I like your purses.

Cindy said...

Wauw, this bird is very great! Very good! (The birds are so much beautifuller than here in Holland!)
Have a nice weekend!
Groetjes Cindy

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Anna

Love your bird! So much fine detail, looking forward to seeing the next one

As for your sewing, you're a clever lady!

Happy Mother's Day to you!!

Crafty Chookie said...

Hi Anna,
Your Kingfisher is beautiful...Another one for my wall?..I enjoy spending time with you...You are so clever and such an inspiration me...I hope you have a fantastic Mother's Day...
Cheers :-) Michelle

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Anna,

I just love your kingfisher..
Hugs, Sharon

Ruth Welter said...

Goodness Anna, your King Fisher is just beautiful...I love him!!

I admire anyone that can sew, very nice work.


moncherry said...

Hi Anna!
Unbelievable, your bird painting is absolutely amazing, amazing, amazing!!! It is very well painted, even the branch were the bird is sitting on and the background looks magical. I'm very impressed as you notice ; )
Greets, Monique
Ps, I'm going to check out the purse tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

I LOVE your kingfisher. He is gorgeous

clare's craftroom said...

That kingfisher is stunning ! I really love the detail , just amazing .

Anonymous said...

Anna Rose, you just bowl me over with your amazingly beautiful talent. What can I say, just beautiful!

Loads of love!


schererart said...

Anna, I love the nature paintings. They are so life-like. I think I need lessons off you! :))

Janet said...

The Kingfisher is fantastic, you have such a talent. Great job on the purse and bag, they look fabulous.

Jonny J Petros said...

Hi Anna Beautiful painting of an Austrailian bird so life like, gorgeous detail, love it, looking forward to seeing your series, amazing! Have a beautiful weekend. Sincerely Jonny.

French Charmed ~ Chelle said...

Bonjour Anna ~ I have never seen a kingfisher. It is gorgeous! I am happy to see that you are painting away. We have missed you! Hope to see more of your lovely birds in the near future. Cheers!(and thanks for stopping by :) ~ Chelle

Elena said...

Hello Anna and what great artwork! Thank you for joining my one year anniversary giveaway and I hope to see you sharing your wisdom more often. Elena of MyQuest

Jan said...

Your Kingfisher painting is wonderful. I hope to see more of your local birds here, what a great series that will be!

Carol Mae said...

Beautiful Kingfisher, what great talent you have. Thanks for following my blog, I'm also following yours now too. lovely blog and so interesting to read and spend time at. Have a great day. Smiles, Carol Mae

Terry Lounsbury said...

Hello Anna
Love your paintings!
Your work is very inspiring. I love the realism you achieve!
Bye for now Terry