Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1991 and now

My oldest baby will turn 19 years old this week. Oh my goodness, where has that time gone!
This was a photo of Cam taken recently. We are very proud parents of our guys.
Cam is way above his years in maturity, Very passionate, caring, generous, great mate and lovable. Cam will complete his third year in Automotive Mechanics in March.
OK, here is picture of me now-don't look to closely-oh, they're laughter lines.
I decided to have red streaks put in my hair for Christmas.
Of course I must keep applying the red or it turns pink, goodness knows what will happen after the Pink-I don't let it go that far.

I have had some very small amount of "ME TIME" recently and painted this powder bowl.
I decided to paint a sweet, small design on the lid, so not to distract from the lace.
I've also had some time for stitching because its been way to hot to get into my studio, so I've just sat in front of the air conditioner and finished this Lavender stitchery. Lucky- because I've signed up for OPAM (one project a month) which could be bit tricky but also keeps me motivated.
This is just a sneak peak of my next sewing project. Hopefully I can finish it before the end of February, oh soo much hand sewing.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Big Ooppsie

Oh dear me, I made a big Ooppsie-I forgot to mention the talented Vicki from Tozz's Corner also has a free BOM design.Vicki is also a generous, talented, creative lady.
Now if only I was bright enough to learn how to upload and add a free pattern, I too would offer some painting designs, No, not sewing designs.
Hugs, Anna

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BOM-Bouquet, New Camera

Hi Ladies,(I don't think any blokes visit here)
Hubby and I decided to go into the city for lunch last Saturday. I tucked my new camera into my handbag and took a couple of photos. This photo was taken over Southbank, oh, what a miserable day-lucky the company was great!
We drove home along the beach, so we stopped to take this photo at Black Rock.
If you are interested in a fantastic offer then you must go check out Jenny's of Elefantz blogspot.
http://elefantz.blogspot.com/ Jenny is offering a feminine, pretty pattern-Block of the Month design for free. Jenny is one very talented, generous lady who always has encouraging and kind words to offer.
Thank you for popping in and leaving comments. Hugs, Anna

Saturday, January 2, 2010

1st Painting for 2010

This is my first painting for 2010.
Every year I paint my Mother in Law a diary for one of her Christmas presents, however these past few months I've been so busy that I actually forgot-how naughty of me.
Last week she handed me a blank diary to paint, so wasting no time I got stuck in my studio and this is what I come up! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, safe and creative year in 2010
Hugs, Anna