Monday, August 31, 2009

Published again

Hello, I'd like to Thank everyone for visiting my blogspot and leaving such kind comments.

It seems like ages since I've visited blogland.

I have some exciting news. Today I received my "Fine Art & Decorative Painting magazine" (Volume 16 No. 11) as always I open up to the contents page to see the latest projects and artists and there in print is my name.

OK, another reason why I've been quiet besides some personal family issues. We (my family, friends and I) have been on a short holiday to Tasmania. We visited Hobart, Launceston, Port Arthur, Richmond, Mt Wellington, Salamanca market, Galleries and shopping. Apparently they have just had the worst winter in fifty years. Oh, I can vouch for that! It rained and was freezing most of the time we were there.

This photo was taken from Hobart looking towards Mount Wellington.

One of the highlights for my guys was visiting the Cadbury factory.
Here is a picture of the Cadbury Chocolate shop.

Back into the swing of things today, catching up on washing, bookwork and dreaming about our next holiday.
Take care, Hugs, Anna

Friday, August 21, 2009

Casual Student

My cousin had a lovely young lady-Svenni, come over as an exchange student from Germany nearly two years ago. We all got to know Svenni very well, going on holidays together and keeping in touch with her.
Svenni was the one that had to tell me "My son has broken his leg at the playground" and she did it in an ever sooo sweet way-if that's possible!
She has come back to visit us for six weeks and wanted to come and paint with me.
When Svenni came back, she gave me a great present-A German Painting book. While Svenni was here painting yesterday, I took this photo when she painted this piece out of the book.
Svenni also painted this calico bag from one of my magazines. The original artist is Tracey Sims.
Ah, I think I've got her hooked and she is very artistic and talented.
I gave her some paints, brushes and homework to play with while here. The sad news "Time Flys" and Svenni will be going home in two weeks.
It has been a pleasure getting to know Svenni and I'm grateful she has come into our lives.
Hey Svenni, When are you coming back?????

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Multi Media Art

I've been playing around with Multi Media Art. This is the book before being decorated.
This is the book after adding lace, motifs, rhinestones and fabric puff paint.
This is a piece of MDF cut out. I've added lace to the bottom, then painted over the top.
The top of the cake has Texture Paste in small blobs then dry brushed with pastel colours.
I've added Opal Dust then fine pink glitter over the top for added sparkle.
I just want to add Thank you to the ladies who follow my blog, make comments and cheer me on.
Hugs, Anna

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christmas Painting

I was inspired to start my Christmas painting when the talented Kerryanne published her "Whimsical Doodle Booklet" recently. These designs are from Kerryanne's book.
I painted the designs onto Calico, then used Heat N Bond to adhere the painted piece to Christmas fabric, stitched around the Calico and for added strength and neatness I used Heat N Bond and attached another piece of fabric to the back.

I also want to touch up my skills on portraiture, so decided to do a couple of small pieces on Christmas decorations. These portraits are painted on 4 inch pieces of MDF. I can't decide if small or large portraits are easier to achieve!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's new

This is my latest scrappy, raggy quilt. Sew easy and so much fun.
I also managed to get this little stitchery done. It's already been posted to New Zealand for a special person that's just had major surgery.
This is a Giggle button design that I picked up at the Craft show last week.
Oh, but I couldn't find which button was suppose to go on here.
Ciao for now.