Monday, June 20, 2011

Pisa and 100 Post Giveaway

Hey Blogging buddies, Thanks for visiting!
Here is my latest painting "Leaning Tower of Pisa" I've painted this piece from a photo I took nearly six years ago while in Italy.  I used Jo Sonja acrylic paints and glazed over in Archival Oil paints.
Someday I hope to get back to Italy.

The Italian paper on the background is compliments of
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In my last post I was telling you how my 100 th post is coming up, well here it is! 
So I'm having a Giveaway, actually I've decided to have a 1st and 2nd prize giveaway.
I also asked 'what would you like as a giveaway' and three bloggers responded with an answer of something fabric.

I've incorporated Fabric and Art with a Journal.
This is second prize.
 Inside the journal.
The pages are 4.5 x 6 inches.
 Inside the front and back cover there are pockets for  collected bits and pieces.
 This little fabric bag 4.5 " X 6" also goes with second prize.

This 1st prize bag would be suitable for a make-up bag or pencil case. It's 9" X 6" in size.
 This larger journal is also for the first prize giveaway.
It's still in the making, however I'm sure it will be finished in plenty of time to post to the winner of my giveaway.
 Some of the inside pages. Oops, I've forgotten which generous blogger I got these gorgeous pictures from.
Do you know Suzy like I know Suzy oh, oh, oh
is very talented, creative and generous.
It's because I was in Awe of Suzy's work that I made these Journals.  Suzy has been very patient and helpful with advice while I attempted to make my first fabric journals.
If you need some inspiration, pop on over to visit Suzy.

There are just a couple of things to do if you want to participate to win one of these giveaways~
1. Leave a comment and contact details if you are
(non-reply blogger)
2. Make sure you are a follower
3. Share this Giveaway post with friends and let me know.
I'll do the 'Random number' draw on 5th July 2011
Creative hugs, Anna

Friday, June 10, 2011

Latest Journal Pages

Hello blogging buddies,
Lovely to be here and post again. 
It seems further apart each time I'm here posting.
Wow, I just noticed I'm nearly at 100 posts! 
I'll have to celebrate some how (maybe a giveaway) what do you think?
Would you like a painting or something hand sewn by me? Please feel free to leave me a comment and consider each one.

I thought I'd show you my latest journal pages.
Not all have writing on them yet.
 Some textured background rolled on using Jo Sonja Kleister Medium and Texture Paste. While wet I pressed clear stamps into it. Then I gathered some leaves from my backyard, sponged them with paint and pressed onto my page.

This page is actually left over paint on a stencil from the next page.

I love this saying~it was sent to me during the week by dear friend. 

 This page is quite Mish Mash.  Reading back, that's exactly how I was feeling at the time.
 The background on this page was Gesso, then water colour pencils, washed out with a paint brush.
Then stencilled with paint over the top.  Oh, I'm terrible at taking step by step photo's.

This has textured rice paper for the background then some napkins over the top.  Both of these were applied using Artelier Impasto Gel.
I've then stamped and painted on some details.

This page was painted with Jade and Warm White then has coloured Texture Paste and lots of different stencils (some have a touch of sand), then dry brushed over the top using Jo Sonja Pearl White.

This was left over paint on stencils and a Minnie Mister used with water and Rich Gold around the stencil.
Just playing around.
Have a fabulously creative weekend,