Sunday, November 14, 2010

Painting for Christmas pressies

Hello friends, I know its been a while.  I've had my wonderful Mum here for the past three weeks, spending some quality time together shopping, gardening and painting.  Oh, my Mum's not normally a painter but as she loves her garden and knick knacks in her garden I purchased a couple of metal ornaments that we painted. This butterfly was sanded back, prepped with All Purpose Sealer, painted Black and then painted with Iridescent colours over the top.
The sparkle is Kindy Glitz in Crystalina colour.
 While Mum was here she was admiring my latest sewing pieces.  I offered to make her a cushion that ended up being a small pillow. 
{Argh, so hard to find small rectangle cushion inserts} 
Can you guess my Mum's favourite colour is Green!
That's one OPAM for November, another one in the works.
 In the mood to make Christmas gifts? 
Here is a simple and bright idea to decorate a Glass Candle holder~I'm sharing with you!
 Please note~the decorative petal paper under these pictures is compliments of Jenny's blogspot. Pop on over to see her easy tutorial.
 Take a piece of lace {soft lace is better} slightly larger than the candle holder.  Apply a generous coat of Atelier Impasto Gel over the glass.  Smooth fabric over this and add another generous coat of Impasto Gel {you can trim excess lace while you go, just make sure you have enough to overlap} so all the fabric is smooth and wet.  Turn up side down over a thin bottle to dry overnight.
 When dry, trim excess lace.  Apply a coat of Carbon Black.  Iridescent paint is brighter over black. Allow to dry. 

Then paint with whatever Iridescent colour you prefer.  Above is Jo Sonja Violet, the below candle holder is painted with Gold Iridescent.  Jo Sonja Iridescent colours also come in Red, Green, Blue & Turquoise.
You can use this method to apply lace and embellishments to almost anything. 
This was a plain evening bag purchased from the op shop.
I'll be back soon to show you my latest sewing project!
Hugs, Anna