Monday, March 1, 2010

Latest Art

Thank you for dropping by and leaving encouraging comments.
It's always great to hear from followers and positive feedback!
This Feng Shui Canvas was a spur of the moment decision. I wanted something peaceful to go on the blank brick wall above our spa. For those wondering-No, this has not been hung yet, I just sat it there for the photograph!

I divided the canvas into three equal sections and painted the background colours.
Then I added Texture Paste using a palette knife (like icing a cake) and let that dry overnight. I painted each section with Retarder and while wet painted Burnt Umber over the sections, wiping off with a lint free towel while still wet. The symbols and writing are painted after all the previous steps dried completely.

Do you remember this piece?

I sent in a couple of photos to the Editor of a painting magazine and I've been commissioned to have them both submitted. I'm in the long, hard process of achieving "step by step" boards and the written instructions.


luthien said...

very nice chinese caligraphy! and what a brilliant idea for a background... i imagine you had some difficulty painting on the texture after!! but they turned out great!

Tozz said...

I love the chinese caligraphy is very clever :) Should bring lots of calm serenity to you while spa bathing :) Congrats on the gorgeous painting being published too. Have fun with the pattern writing :) hugs Vicki

Serena said...

Beautiful painting all round, Anna! I've done a few Chinese Calligraphy pieces over the years and I find them so effective. Congratulations on your magazine submissions. :)

Vicki said...

ou are so clever Anna, they are lovely!!!!
keep up the amazing work you do
Vic xxxx

Vicki said...
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ittybittyandpretty said...

i think i have said this before there nothing you cant do???
really really nice work.

Cindy said...

Dear Anna,
You didn't win my "give away" the other day, but still I have a little present for you!!!(Just because your such a warm, friendly and nice person, who leaves al those sweet comments on my blog). So send me your adres ( and a little (dutch) present is on the way!
x Cindy

Marlene said...

Anna I love the calligraphy it is wonderful. The painting is very beautiful and congrats on getting it published, well deserved.

moncherry said...

I love the Chinese caligraphy. And well done on getting the other painting published.
Me and my sister agreed that you are a very nice and lovely person. So you deserve it indeed!

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Anna,

Love the backgrounds on your chinese calligraphy...they really make them :)

Congratulations on your magazine going to get published. Fabulous!

Hugs, Sharon

Abby Creek Art said...

Love the Feng Shui art you those words are always good to keep in mind!

Nice work on the photos too...that palm tree composition is fantastic!

Judi said...

Hi Anna
I love the 3 pieces you made. How clever to be able to write like that and the background sounds very interesting. I bet it looks really complementary to the writing. Great idea.

Congratulations on being chosen with the picture as well. Too bad you didn't take pictures as you first made the painting but one doesn't know. How proud you should be.

The Pink Poodle said...

Hi Anna...they look fabulous...

I would love to commission you to paint JAPANESE characters for my sons house..
(he speaks japanese...etc etc)..
has his own place...

not too dissimilar than chinese...(i think some characters may even over lap??)...

WELL done...

xx andrea

Ruth Welter said...

Love the caligraphy pieces Anna and many congratulations on an honor well earned.


Jan said...

Hello Anna Rosa,
I see you do lovely work. The Kanji paintings are very serene and will be very conducive to your relaxing spa time. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice complimentary comment, I appreciate it. You are my first follower from Oz! Be seeing you.

French Charmed ~ Rochele said...

Bonjour ~ Oh I am just so happy for you Anna. Congratulations on your commission! Hope you will keep dropping by after you get all rich & famous...I Love the new paintings, very relaxing indeed! Hope you have a splendid weekend ~ oxox

Donatella said...


Gail McCormack said...

Hi Anna

I love your latest creations! Clever Girl!

Have a great long weekend whatever you maybe doing

Not sure if I'll be at Dingley Market tomorrow, but will catch up with you at sometime no doubt

xo Gail

Debi said...

Dear Anna,
How pretty! Love you chinese piece and congratulations on your magazine commission!

Annette Q said...

Hi Anna!
The chinese calligraphy prints look sooo lovely!
And congratulations on your sounds very very exciting! :-)

Jonny said...

Congratulations!!! on magazine article beautiful painting,Looking forward to visiting, Sincerely Jonny

prashant said...

Beautiful painting all round,
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nata_says_so said...

Hello, I'm new to your blog and I wanted to say WOW!

Those sunset paintings are incredible. You are so talented. And looking through your other posts your skills extend to so many other areas! What medium do you use for your paintings? Or are you like me and just go with what feels right?

Amazing stuff.