Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Painting, finished cushion

Hello, I know it's been a while since my last post~Life has been very busy lately.

Do you remember I showed you some sneak peaks from this cushion, yeah it's finished.

I used Pastel pencils to colour in the elements of design, then brushed Jo Sonja's Textile Medium over the coloured areas.  When dry and set with iron, I stitched around the designs with coloured cottons for added oomph.
 The designs are from 'A Gardener's Journal by Annie Downs'

While my Mum was visiting recently she wanted to learn to paint.  Mum has recently retired and feeling a bit lost at home.  As a lover of gardening and nature here are two pieces she completed while she stayed with me.
Can you tell my Mum loves Green?

The tree was blocked in using Burnt Umber then Jo Sonja's Decor Crackle medium.  Let dry and a heavy coat of Smoked Pearl over the top.  A touch of floating and dry brushing to finish of the trunk and branches.

Oh, My Mum was very proud to take home these two completed pieces. 
I think these are great results for a beginner and I'm very proud of my Mum.
Hugs, Anna


Serena said...

Hi Anna,

Great to see you posting!

Your cushion turned out lovely and well done to your Mum on her first paintings! She should feel very proud of herself indeed.

Love, light and peace,

Julia said...

Hi Anna,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes! you will have to join us next time Flora comes, it was so worth it!..
LOve the art your Mum did at your place how wonderful that she can do that striaght up!!..very talented like her daughter!!!..

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Great post Anna. I love what the cushion, the design is so cute and pretty.
Wow, you mum did so well with her canvases, I hope you have some ready for her to play with when she comes down soon. I think she has been bitten by the painting bug

Kerryanne English said...

Wow Anna... your mum has unleashed her artistic talent. Great results for a beginner - must be the fabulous teacher!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Sew Useful Designs said...

Wow sweetie - I am in love with that second painting of your Mum's - it's so serene! She has done a marvelous job - as have you with your sweet cushion!

Hugs sweetie!
Vikki xo ;-)

Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Anna , great to seee you back at it. What a darling cushion you created and your Mom did a wonderful job on her paintings, Can't believe shes just a beginner
Hugs Lynn

Vicki ♥ said...

Your cushion looks fabulous Anna and how clever is your Mum? Think she has hidden talents there :) She should be proud as they are great paintings :) Hugs Vicki

Marlene said...

Hi Anna, thank you much for all your nice comments. I'm in love with that beautiful cushion. Wow and all your work, I love your talent.

maddyrose said...

Nice to see you back blogging again. Wonderful post. The cushion is darling and your Mum did some really nice pieces, and not just for a beginner either.

Anonymous said...

Wow your cushion is fabulous my friend and so are your mums paintings, So summery
hugs June x

Marlene said...

You are so talented Ana Rosa, so nice to see you post again. I love the paintings and the cushion is just gorgeous.

Maggie said...

The cushion turned out sweet! And, Kudos to your mom, her first paintings look great. Must be she had a good teacher.

Crafty Chookie said...

Hi Anna,
Fab cushion..Your mum has done a wonderful job on her paintings..It helps having a wonderful teacher such as yourself..
Hugs always,