Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Break

We had a lovely break over the long weekend. We spent a couple of days with friends at Kilmore and while there we went to visit the neighbours over the back hill that have a wildlife sanctuary.

They have had a lot of fire victims at the U-Beaut Wildlife Rescue Centre after Black Saturday. At one stage they had over 30 patients that needed 24 hour care. Lisa, Dean and all the volunteers did a fantastic job and most patients have been released in new areas or sent onto places like Healesville Sanctuary.

This poor Koala had a burnt nose and paws and had to be wrapped in bandages for weeks. As you can see, he is looking much happier now.
This little Joey is around 15 months old(his back feet were badly burnt in the fires) and is still waiting for his back nails to grow. He may not be able to protect himself without these back nails if released back into the wild.

Onto another subject: Recently while looking at Gail and Tony McCormack blogspot I realized they had a store at the Mornington Racecourse market and I thought I'd go along and find some bargains as well as meet Gail and Tony. I didn't really find any bargains, however there are some great stalls there and heaps of arty, crafty, talented people at this market including the lovely couple.

Hugs, Anna


Kerryanne English said...

Hi Anna,
Sounds like you and the boys have had a wonderful time up at Kilmore over Easter.

Catch up soon.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Anna

Your time away sounded like fun, I think I'd want to take a few of the orphaned animals home with me! We had a baby possum we looked after for months, in the first few weeks it had to be fed every three hours - these people running the animal rescue shelters do a fantastic job!!

Glad you enjoyed your wander around at the market!!

Chantilly Cottage said...

Hi Anna
Thank you for stopping by my blog it was lovely of you to wish my daughter a happy birthday.
Those poor little animals my heart goes out to them the people who look after them all do a fabulous job. The markets sound like a wonderful place to visit.
And yes I am starting to feel alot better now too. Thank you.
Take care.
Hugs... Deb x