Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pink Roses

I've been busy this week prepping pages in my Art Journal, doodling, and reading notes for the new course I'm doing on-line with Kerryanne
I did manage to varnish this piece that I painted last week. 
Do you have free (ME) time these days? 
I feel life rushing by and one day rolling into another now!

There is one thing that has slowed me down this week-a Soft tissue injury to my left hand. (Yes, I'm a lefty)I can't sew, knit and my art work has been limited. I hope nothing serious ever happens to my left hand, I would be one very frustrated, cranky, artist and Mum.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

So sorry to hear about your hand. I am still having issues with my right one (dominant one, of course) and even trying to keep up with blogs has been dicey.
*ME* time????
Are we supposed to have that???
In other, very little.
Get better soon!


nata_says_so said...

Oh Anna! I just love them, that is beautiful. And guess what? I'm a lefty too!

Hope your hand heals soon so that you can keep painting beautiful roses like those :)


Vicki said...

(((HUGS))))) to Anna....I know what its like to have a hand injury and it isnt nice ...especially when it hinders your craft work. Take care and I hope it heals quickly. Hugs Vicki

moncherry said...

Oh no.... hope your hand is better soon! I would go nuts if something would happen to my hand (right hand in my case)!
And no, not any free time in these days either!
Love the piece (wouldn't have a clue how you call it in English) you painted! Lovely!
Take care!

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Hope your hand gets better soon and love your spice rack.
Take care

Kerryanne English said...

Oh dear Anna, I was hoping your hand would have improved by now - no doodling for you then!!

Your 'ME' time is about to be restored... check todays course offering.

BTW - Love the spice rack.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Lucinda Obrien said...

Hope your hand heals quickly...and yes is there such a thing as ME time????
Take care

Marlene said...

That is a lovely spice rack - Made me miss decorative painting, which I haven't done for some time now. Hope your hand heals quickly.

Ruth Welter said...

Hello Anna,

So sorry to hear about your hand injury...I hope you get all better soon. I injured my knee this past winter and it was no fun, I know.

I love the spice rack...very pretty and elegant.


Gail McCormack said...

Oh no Anna, not your working hand! Hope it comes good very soon, how frustrating
At least you've made use of the time away from your creating, sounds like a few more crossed of your "Too Do List"

Love your Spice Rack

Happy Weekend, Gail xx

Jan said...

This is a very attractive and functional piece! sometimes these injuries can be a good thing, if it makes you slow down and look around a bit more than usual. Still, we wouldn't want you out of commission for long! Hope that hand heals quick.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Thank you for your concern and well wishes.
My hand is healing and feeling much better.
Have a great weekend.

Serena said...

What a pretty spice rack, Anna! I'm sorry to hear you've had probs with your hand though. After reading your comment, I hope your hand is feeling even better now.

Hazel said...

Hi Anna,

Sorry to hear about your hand - hope it gets better soon.

Enjoy your "ME" time doing Kerryanne's course.


Crafty Chookie said...

Oh No! Not the hand..We can't have the hand injured..That's not good..I hope it heals quickly so we can do more projects together and I don't want a cranky neighbour..LOL...Love you..
Cheers :-) Michelle

Annette Q said...

Oh Anna, i do hope your hand is better, so you can get going with some more craftiness!
As for 'me' time...I struggle so much. Its now gone midnight on my part of the world and its only now that I manage to get some time for myself !
Get better soon
Annette x

robynart said...

Hi Anna, love your blog and you've done a great job on the spice rack. Well I'm a lefty too, I've met lots of creative leftys, think it has something to do with that. Thanks for visiting me, talk again soon, hugs Robyn. xx